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Microsoft recalls Xbox cords
Minor burn injuries and carpet scorching force company to replace 14 million power cords.
February 17, 2005: 6:07 PM EST

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it is recalling 14.1 million power cords for its Xbox video game console because faulty power cords have led to minor burns and property damage.

According to a Microsoft (Research) news release, one in every 10,000 units has experienced a power cord failure, which in most cases means it got excessively hot. But in seven cases worldwide the power cord caused minor burns on a person's hand and in 23 cases it resulted in smoke or burn damage to carpets or walls.

A number of factors led to the overheating including, power surges and stormy weather, Robbie Bach, Senior Vice President of Microsoft's Home & Entertainment Division, told CNN. The new power cords will be less prone to this problem.

Machines made for continental Europe before Jan. 13th, 2004 need the replacement cord, while those made for all other locations before Oct. 23, 2003 will need the upgraded part.

To order a replacement cord, consumers should go to and click on the Power Cord Replacement for Xbox link or call 1-866-271-0450.

Microsoft says Xboxes should be turned off when not in use until the new cord arrives.  Top of page


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