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Playboy heads to the PSP
Men's magazine to offer photo images formatted for Sony's handheld PlayStation.
April 19, 2005: 7:33 PM EDT
Cyber girl Amy Sue Cooper gets medieval on the PSP.
Cyber girl Amy Sue Cooper gets medieval on the PSP.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Having conquered the iPod, Playboy is setting its sights on the PSP.

Playboy Enterprises will announce plans Wednesday to offer nude and non-nude photo galleries that have been specifically formatted for viewing on Sony's Portable PlayStation.

"We know that many Playboy fans are also gaming enthusiasts who are likely to buy this type of device, so it was a natural progression for us to design this," said John. D. Thomas, editor of, in a statement.

Two non-nude galleries of 15 photos and a 2-3 minute video feature (both featuring 2005's Cyber Girl of the Year Amy Sue Cooper) will be available free on Only subscribers to the site's "Cyber Club" will have access to the nude shots, which will also be available in two nude galleries and one video.

Playboy has been showing an increased interest in both video games and high tech gadgets lately. In January, the company announced an assortment of galleries that were specifically formatted for digital media players, including Apple's iPod.

And in the October 2004 issue of its magazine, Playboy published a gallery of shots featuring female video game characters either topless or in skimpy outfits. While Playboy (Research) wouldn't give specific sales numbers, spokesperson Lauren Melone told CNN/Money in December the issue was a success and "we'll certainly do another video game pictorial."

While Playboy is the first company to offer nude galleries for the PSP, this won't be the device's first exposure to naked flesh. Within weeks of the PSP's launch, hackers figured out how to use the device as a Web browser. As proof of their success, many quickly began posting screenshots -- with adult Web sites filling the screen.

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