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When does the movie REALLY start?
Loews Cineplex said to plan publicizing post-trailer start times for theaters.
May 4, 2005: 7:57 AM EDT

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - You are not the only moviegoer annoyed by commercials that run endlessly before the trailers for soon-to-be-released films.

In response to public criticism, Loews Cineplex Entertainment says that in June it will begin publicizing the true starting times for movies, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

John McCauley, the company's senior vice president for marketing, said that show times in the company's newspaper and Web listings will still reflect when trailers and commercials start, according to the newspaper. But the ads will include a note advising that "the feature presentation starts 10 to 15 minutes after the posted show time," McCauley said.

Loews will begin testing the notices next week in Connecticut, where it operates two theaters. The rest of the country will follow a few weeks later, McCauley said.

Officials of Loews Cineplex were not immediately available for comment Wednesday.

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