Fling your face on New Year's
Just in time for New Year's Eve, personalized confetti is all the rage, newspaper report says.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) - Would you pay more to sprinkle Times Square with pictures of yourself and your family on New Year's Eve?

Confetti makers are banking on it. According to a report in USA Today, confetti makers -- faced with flattening sales since the Sept. 11 attacks -- are providing consumers with the chance to ring in the new year (or any other special occasion) with fancier, designer confetti at double the cost of the standard tissue-paper products.

And party-happy consumers are willing to pay the big bucks for a little extra personalization.

One option is confetti with family photos. For $20, you can get a box of 475 double-sided photos on cardboard-like paper from Photofetti. One Las Vegas casino has already purchased a bunch of photo confetti emblazoned with pictures of its star performer, according to USA Today.

For those with a sentimental bent, The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co. will provide boxes of confetti made from dried rose petals for about $48 for a large pack.

Neat freaks can invest in Clean Free confetti from Artistry in Motion for about $20 a pound. The confetti is made from rice paper and dissolves in water.

And savvy marketing executives may want to get the message out on their companies by tossing confetti stamped with corporate logos or political advertisements. Corporate confetti usually costs about $40 a pound with a minimum order of at least 500 pounds, the newspaper reported. Top of page

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