$241,000 stripclub tab finally settled
Infamous New York stripclub 'Scores' says a lawsuit stemming from the huge bill a former telecom exec racked up there has been resolved.

NEW YORK (CNN) - The lawsuit over a former communications executive's $241,000 tab racked up at Scores nightclub has been settled, an attorney for Scores said Wednesday.

The terms of the settlement involving Scores, American Express, Savvis Inc., and former Savvis chief executive Robert McCormick are confidential, said Donald David, who represented Scores in the settlement talks.

"All the parties involved -- except for Savvis -- have agreed to say they resolved the suit 'amicably,'" said David. "Savvis plans to send out a more extensive statement on their own."

McCormick, of Clayton, Mo., resigned from Savvis (Research) Communications Corp. after an investigation into the $241,000, which was charged to his corporate American Express card after an alleged wild night at the Manhattan strip club on Oct. 22, 2003.

Savvis and McCormick refused to pay. In court documents, McCormick said he spent up to $20,000 at Scores that night. American Express then sued Scores, Savvis and McCormick.

The settlement was reached in the past few weeks, David said.

American Express said only that all parties resolved their differences.

-From CNN Assignment Editor Lauren Rivera


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