Life-saving technology goes by many names
While it is known generally as Electronic Stability Control, car companies use different names for this important technology.

NEW YORK ( - Below is a list of the trademarked names used by various car brands for their Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems.

Source: Consumer Reports

Acura: Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

Audi: Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

BMW: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

Buick: StabiliTrak

Cadillac: StabiliTrak

Chevrolet: Active Handling (cars); StabiliTrak (SUVs)

Chrysler: Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Dodge: Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Ford: AdvanceTrac

GMC: StabiliTrak

Honda: Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)

Hummer: StabiliTrak

Hyundai: Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Infiniti: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)

Jaguar: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

Jeep: Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Kia: Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Land Rover: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

Lexus: Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Lincoln: AdvanceTrac

Mazda: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

Mercedes-Benz: Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Mercury: AdvanceTrac

Mini: Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)

Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi Active Skid and Traction Control System (M-ASTC)

Nissan: Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)

Pontiac: StabiliTrak

Porsche: Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

Saab: Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Saturn: StabiliTrak

Scion: Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Subaru: Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC)

Suzuki: Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Toyota: Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Volkswagen: Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Volvo: Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC)



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