The face of philanthropy

The world of giving is filled with well-meaning and talented individuals from every background. These influential altruists are making their mark on philanthropy.

The innovator
Photographed in Hudson River Park, New York City
The innovator
Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder, Acumen Fund
Charity alone will not end poverty, says Novogratz, an investment banker turned social entrepreneur, who created Acumen, a nonprofit venture fund for social entrepreneurs, in 2001. (Novogratz comes from an enterprising family. Brother Michael is a president at Fortress Investment Group.) The idea is to create new capital markets for the poor.

So far, Acumen has made $27 million in investments in 18 businesses across Asia and Africa. One enterprise offers emergency medical services in Mumbai; another manufactures and sells bed nets in Tanzania to protect against malaria. Novogratz's team works alongside entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and meet the needs of their customers - the four billion people who make less than $2 a day.

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