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A marketing message: Scrap the two-party system
Michael Jingozian

Age: 47
Business: AngelVision Technologies
Title: Founder and CEO
Campaign Web site:

Michael Jingozian isn't kidding himself that he's ever going to become president. But he's using his campaign to publicize the concept of independent and third-party candidates in the American political system.

As founder of an 85-employee video marketing firm, AngelVision Technologies in Portland, Ore., Jingozian is skilled at getting his message to the masses. He think his nomination on the Libertarian Party ticket would help boost the Party's representation in future elections.

"If we can get more of the vote, then we can attract more legitimate candidates for the Senate outside of the two-party system," says Jingozian, who is an admirer of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Jingozian's campaign proposals include eliminating the departments of Education, Energy and Homeland Security; scrapping the Patriot Act; and reforming drug and prostitution laws to reflect the more liberal approaches of European countries such as Great Britain and Holland.

Being a small business owner is a distinct advantage in his campaign, says the baby-faced Jingozian: "I have real experience, not the kind of experience they talk about in Washington. My only downside is that I don't look my age."

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Last updated May 19 2008: 9:55 AM ET