I'm a secret spender

Some 80% of husbands and wives spent money over the past year without telling their mate. Here are 6 who admit to what they bought.

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Hannah Shaner: Hides her shoes
Hannah Shaner: Hides her shoes
Hannah Shaner with her most recent secret score: brown boots.
I'm not even married yet, but I already hide some of my purchases from my live-in boyfriend. We're saving up for a house, and we both work hard - I just need to de-stress and reward myself with shoes every so often.

Men don't understand the need for the shoes we already have, let alone the new ones we need to buy. So why showcase I'm spending money on something he'll never understand?

Of course, nine times out of ten, he doesn't buy the whole, "But honey, I've had these for years" bit, but I can get away with a few here and there. And I do.

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Last updated December 06 2010: 3:14 PM ET
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