Secrets of couponing pros

Now that extreme couponing has become a national obsession, shoppers aren't satisfied unless they can shave hundreds of dollars off their grocery bills each month. Meet eight expert couponers and learn their tactics for yourself.

Scours the web to find deals
Scours the web to find deals
Tricia Parris will become a full-time student in the fall, but she has already learn the ins and outs of savings via couponing.
Name: Tricia Parris
Age: 25
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Baltimore, Md.

An extreme couponer for just over a month, Tricia Parris is stocking up in preparation for becoming a full-time student this fall.

With 10 bottles of laundry detergent on hand (cost: 90 cents each), she doesn't expect to buy more until 2012.

She starts with her Sunday paper, then searches the online database for everything else on her shopping list. Online blogs like,,, and are other favorites.

"You name it, I can get it for free," says Parris. "Free aspirin, office supplies, household cleaners, body soaps and toothpaste. Couponing is time consuming, but what I enjoy most is how much fun I am having saving money!"

Ellen Stark - Last updated July 20 2011: 3:04 PM ET