8. New Canaan, CT
New Canaan, CT
Population: 19,682
Median family income: $231,957
Median home price: $1,210,000

Revolutionary Road and The Stepford Wives may have been filmed in New Canaan, but this stunning New York bedroom community has a lot more going for it than suburban angst. From historic Colonial era homes to contemporary estates, real estate here runs the gamut of luxury. For nature lovers who want to stray from their compounds, the New Caanan Nature Center boasts 40 acres of woodlands, marshes, orchards and trails. Waveny Park's 400 acres offer a gorgeous venue for hiking, jogging, catching a play or touring an art gallery.

Famous residents like Paul Simon, Brian Williams and GE CEO Jeff Immelt provide some occupational diversity in the town, and if they get sick, no worries: New Canaan is known for an exceptional number of doctors per capita.

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