Saniquah Robinson
Saniquah Robinson
Student debt: $82,000

Degrees: Master's in Health Science from Chatham University; Bachelor's in psychology from Temple University

After holding my Master's for three years, I'm still fighting to find a Master's level position.

I have been seeking employment in the medical field and after about a hundred interviews, I'm left doing contract work for $19 an hour.

I once believed that part of the American Dream was to earn a college education and this would ensure a great career and financial freedom. Unfortunately I am losing hope.

I'm a mother of three, and my husband and I have been turned down from purchasing a home due to our income-to-debt ratio.

I don't want people to think they shouldn't go to college -- it definitely gives you a great foundation to start your career. But it's very important that when you do, you know exactly what you want to study and you're knowledgeable about debt.

Last updated June 27 2011: 2:03 PM ET
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