David Mittelburg
David Mittelburg
Student debt: $87,000

Bachelor's in graphic design from Full Sale University

I was once an ambitious young adult, eager to graduate and start working as a Web developer. Well, reality set in, and although I do have a wonderful job, I have a whopping $87,000 in student loan debt hanging over my head.

My life revolves around work. I'm barely able to afford rent, I'm cutting back on bills and I'm barely able to feed myself. Why? Because almost half my monthly income goes to Sallie Mae. On top of my full-time job, I have a second part-time position and I also freelance.

I hope one day, I can afford to take a vacation, take my girlfriend out on a date again, and buy some new clothes (my dress shoes now have holes in them). I hope, I dream, I wonder, but America is letting me down.


Last updated June 27 2011: 2:03 PM ET
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