Adam Horwitz
Adam Horwitz
Company: Yep Text
Age: 19

Since the age of 15, Adam Horwitz has had one entrepreneurial goal: create a million-dollar company by the time he was 21.

Three years and 30-or-so unsuccessful, self-funded web ventures later, he launched his first successful product, Mobile Monopoly. The online course teaches people how to earn money generating mobile marketing leads and earned Horwitz a six-figure profit.

Horwitz added several other online courses, each earning him six figures or more, and broke the million-dollar-revenue mark before his 18th birthday. His company Local Mobile Monopoly is a multimedia training platform that helps business owners.

''I just love being able to build a business and watch it grow into something huge,'' said Horwitz. ''The journey is the most exciting part.''

His latest venture is YepText, a text messaging service that enables businesses to attract customer foot traffic to their locations by text messaging ads and promotions to their smartphones. ''The only other text messaging services out there were extremely complicated and targeted towards the Fortune 500 list,'' said Horwitz. ''So we decided to go a different route and target the small business niche.''

Currently, Horwitz spends his days growing YepText, while working on several other ventures.

His message to other aspiring, young entrepreneurs: ''Anything is possible now, just make sure that you take action and never, ever give up.''

Last updated May 27 2011: 12:57 PM ET

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