Time spent at the business is good
Time spent at the business is good
Kim and her husband Dan started a small lawn maintenance business in the hopes of getting a better return on their money than what the stock market can provide.
Company: Lawn Doctor
Owners: Dan and Kim Toth
Headquarters: Batavia, Ill.

Talk about green shoots. The Toths are newbies to small business; they opened the lawn care franchise they operate in September 2011.

Dan, who still works another full-time job, puts between 20 and 30 hours a week into the business. Kim works on the business full time and raises their kids.

"We are planning our financial future together," said Kim. "This business is a way of us investing money we have earned into a business instead of the stock market or a 401(k), which doesn't seem to be giving a good return on investment right now."

Starting their own business is the most efficient path to "financial security, financial freedom," added Dan.

Getting away from the business is a challenge. "I have been a workaholic most of my career," said Dan. "Given that now we are running this out of our house, the business is always there."

But they're glad to have more couple time. "We spent two weeks together in training. Outside of a couple of vacations, that is probably the longest we have spent together," said Dan.

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