Wayne Sutton
Wayne Sutton
Company: Vouch
Age: 36
Hometown: Raleigh, N.C.

I'm a partner in NewMe, along with Angela Benton. A bunch of us startup types knew each other via Twitter. We're all from different parts of the country, and we knew the best way to get funding was to be in Silicon Valley.

We were also interested in different types of minorities getting a voice. It's true that race was a main cause, but we're also talking about women and other groups that are underrepresented in the tech space.

We started kicking around the idea of an accelerator back in February, and the whole thing has moved pretty fast. I'm focusing on managing the house; I will clean the toilets if I have to. We're trying to make history here.

In addition to helping with the house, I'm participating in NewMe myself. My startup is called Vouch, and with it you can tweet recommendations of a person in your network. It lets others know this person is professional, a great public speaker, an expert in technology -- you name it. -As told to CNNMoney staff reporter Julianne Pepitone

CNNMoney staff reporter Julianne Pepitone interviewed each profiled entrepreneur; their comments have been edited for length and clarity.
Last updated July 22 2011: 9:53 AM ET
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