Facebook's new billionaires

From founder Mark Zuckerberg to Facebook's earliest investors, here's a guide to what Facebook's key players are now worth.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

Eight years after Zuckerberg launched Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, his social network connects almost 1 billion people and has made him one of the richest people on the planet. He's selling off around 30 million shares in Facebook's IPO, raising $1.1 billion, but he won't be hanging on to most of the cash: Facebook say he'll use it to pay off a massive tax bill on a stock-options exercise.

Source: Facebook SEC filings and CNNMoney reporting. All stakes are based on pre-IPO holdings, calculated at $38 per share.
By Laurie Segall and Stacy Cowley @CNNMoneyTech - Last updated May 18 2012: 2:59 PM ET
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$38 is the magic number

Facebook's IPO will raise $16 billion, making it the third-largest IPO in U.S. history.