The Facebook IPO

12:05pm: Shares of Facebook rose above $40 a share Friday for the first time since it went public in May 2012. The stock is up more than 50% in the past month due to excitement about mobile growth. More
Jul 23: Nasdaq said it would boost the size of its accommodation program to $62 million, up from the $40 million proposed in early June. More
Jun 6: Nasdaq's board confirmed a plan to spend $40 million to repay trading firms for losses related to technical glitches that delayed Facebook's debut, pending SEC approval. More
Jun 4: Facebook stock hits new low of $26.44 in early trading before rebounding slightly to close at $26.90. More
May 31: James Gorman defends Morgan Stanley's running of the Facebook IPO, noting that critics were singing a different tune the week before the offering. More
May 31: Facebook shares end the day up 5%, erasing morning losses. In early trading Thursday, Facebook's stock hits new lows. More
May 29: Talk of Facebook interest in Norwegian mobile browser developer Opera Software lifts shares of Opera in Oslo, but drags stock to new low. More
May 25: Two big Wall Street firms may have lost up to $70 million stemming from Nasdaq's glitches in opening Facebook's initial public offering. More
May 25: Facebook's share price is down more than 15% from its IPO, which debuted on the Nasdaq one week ago. More
May 25: Commentary: There is little in the way of social interaction on Facebook's investor relations site. That may be a mistake. More
May 24: Facebook's stock posts second day of gains on Thursday, but is still about 15% below IPO price of $38. More
May 24: Carole Parker tried to buy 400 shares of Facebook, ended up with 800, and is now waiting to find out who'll make good on her $3,400 loss. More
May 23: While Wall Street freaks out about an IPO it views as a disaster, the view of Facebook's rocky public debut is much sunnier in the tech trenches. More
May 23: Facebook's IPO was a mess from day one, with Nasdaq delays and trading issues. Now shareholders are suing and the stock has plunged. More
May 23: Senate Banking and House Financial Services panels will conduct staff briefings with regulators, Facebook and other stake holders to learn more about issues raised. More
May 23: Three investors file class action lawsuit against Facebook, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg and underwriters for allegedly withholding information about IPO. More
May 23: Facebook stock rises 3.5% in morning trading, its first gain since Friday's market debut. More
May 23: Facebook has attracted a rash of stock flippers -- investors who quickly buy and sell a stock in the hopes of making a quick profit. More
May 22: Facebook stock drops again Tuesday, slipping below $31. The stock falls 18% from its IPO price. More
May 22: Facebook included this stock certificate mock-up in its IPO filing, but it no longer plans to issue paper certificates. More
May 21: Nasdaq said Facebook's trading delay was due to a glitch in its electronic order system. More
May 21: Shares of Facebook traded below the offering price of $38 on Monday. More
May 21: The Bay Area is gearing up for a wave of spending on houses, cars, luxury toys -- and startups. Lots and lots of startups. More
May 20: Robert Greifeld, Nasdaq's chief executive, said he was 'embarrassed' after technical glitches caused Facebook's widely-anticipated IPO to be delayed, according to news reports. More
May 18: Social media stocks aren't feeling the love, despite Facebook's market debut. Zynga, which generates much of its revenue from Facebook, fell as much as 23%. More
May 18: T. Rowe Price, Fidelity and other mutual fund giants have been buying up shares of Facebook on private markets over the past year. More
May 18: Facebook's IPO will raise at least $16 billion, making it the third-largest IPO in U.S. history. More
May 17: Facebook's IPO won't begin trade on the Nasdaq at 9:30 -- it'll be delayed at least an hour. More
May 17: Facebook's IPO will raise $16 billion, making it the third-largest IPO in U.S. history. More
May 17: Facebook is entering a market in which most IPOs plunge after a big one-day pop. More
May 17: CNN footage from 2005 captured two of Facebook's founders musing aloud about their dating lives More
May 17: Facebook's underwriting team led by Morgan Stanley can go very wrong by either underpricing the stock and leaving money on the table or driving away long-term investors. More
May 17: Facebook's IPO price is available to the deal's underwriters and their bigwig clients. Regular folks will get to buy at market price the next day. More
May 16: Facebook's average revenue per user is just $1.21, far lower than most companies that report that metric and on the low end of its close competitors. More
May 16: Facebook's IPO is causing a frenzy among investors eager to get a piece of the company when it goes public but is it a good idea to jump in when FB debuts? More
May 16: Facebook says in SEC filing that it plans to sell 421 million shares in IPO later this week, could raise up to $16 billion. More
May 15: California could reap $2 billion from Facebook's IPO -- money the cash-strapped state sorely needs to plug a $16 billion budget hole. More
May 15: Elite wealth managers are helping Facebook's soon-to-be-rich structure their financial affairs. More
May 15: Facebook raises the price range on its initial public offering to $34 to $38 a share, a move that could lift the company's valuation to $81.2 billion. More
May 15: Senior citizens may represent one of the smallest segments of Facebook's 900 million users, but at least one group is eager to invest in this week's IPO. More
May 14: Facebook is expected to raise the price on its initial public offering to $34 to $38 a share, a move that could lift the company's valuation to $81.2 billion. More
May 14: Sites like and target investors who want to own just one ceremonial share of a company's stock. More
May 11: Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, gave up his American citizenship ahead of the company's IPO. More
May 11: Friendster and others that got in early on Facebook stock will score big when the social network goes public. More
May 10: Facebook has long faced criticism for being too focused on the Web and neglecting its mobile products. Now mobile monetization is posing a problem. More
May 9: Thousands of Facebook employees will have their stock vest right after the IPO, triggering a massive tax liability. More
May 7: Facebook's executive team answer roughly a dozen questions from potential investors. Even the most bearish investors expect it to price above $35 a share. More
May 7: E*Trade is an underwriter of the Facebook IPO, which could mean some average investors will get a piece of the action. More
May 3: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will sell 30 million shares on the company's IPO day. More
May 3: Facebook also upped the offering size to $13.6 billion. More