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shelby cobra csx 2000

This first car, the Shelby Cobra CSX2000, was built in 1962 when Shelby and some friends put a Ford V8 into the body of a British AC Ace sports car. The resulting car, lightweight and shockingly fast, became the template for all the Cobras that came after. The Shelby Cobra has inspired a host of imitators and, although Shelby himself died in 2012, his company, Shelby American, still makes Cobras today.

Original 1960s Shelby Cobras can sell for millions of dollars. For instance, a 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 sold for $2.3 million at last year's RM Sotheby Monterey auction. Another Shelby-owned Cobra, an 800-horsepower Super Snake, sold for $5.5 million by Barrett-Jackson last year.

First published July 5, 2016: 5:44 PM ET

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