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5 nations with huge sway on Wall Street

Forget hedge funds. The world's biggest investors are sovereign wealth funds. When these countries move money around, the financial world listens.

Norway's Government Pension Fund

world investors norway
  • Assets: $878 billion

Notable Investments: Unlike Japan, Norways's pension fund is already a big player in the stock market, with over 60% of its assets invested in publicly traded companies. It recently made a bold bet on Greece as one of the major buyers of the National Bank of Greece's (NBG) €2.5 billion stock offering last month.

The fund is also a proponent of transparent markets. It trades with Brad Katsuyama's IEX Group, which made news earlier in the year after it was profiled in Michael Lewis's "Flash Boys." In the book, Lewis claims the market is rigged by a shadowy network of high frequency trading firms.

Source: Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute
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