4. GoPro

GoPro IPO most searched stocks September

GoPro has only been trading as a stock since the end of June, but its "extreme" brand clearly extends to the investing community.

That's for good reason. Despite the fact that risky assets had a difficult September, GoPro (GPRO) defied gravity by skyrocketing 81%. That's easily the best performance on this list.

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The stock's meteoric rise in September carried it 290% above its $24 IPO price. GoPro's stock surge has also made it the talk of the town on StockTwits, where "GPRO" is frequently trending.

Yet GoPro remains a baby, at least based on market valuation. Its $12 billion market cap is the smallest on this list, easily dwarfed even by Yahoo.

Of course, that could change if GoPro keeps zooming northward. Or maybe GoPro will be Exhibit A when investors look back at the top of the bull market.

First published October 2, 2014: 11:04 AM ET

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