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High-end water bottles: This premium "ice aged water" is purported to come from a glacier in the Czech Republic that began melting 15,000 years ago.

The glacier's water collected "in the depths of the Earth, where its purity has been preserved to this day," says Ehden, the European company that markets it to high-end businesses, including restaurants, hotels and private jet firms.

The company says it doesn't have to filter or treat the water before bottling it because it is so pure. But it does add flecks of 22.5k gold leaf into the bottles, which makes the products shimmer in the sun.

Small plastic bottles of the water sell for as little as €1 ($1.10) each, but the water in fancy glass bottles can sell for as much as €100 ($110) each.

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First published April 24, 2015: 9:05 AM ET

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