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Handmade wooden skis: Two new European companies have begun manufacturing handmade wooden skis for high-end clients, convinced they have found an untapped niche market.

Italy-based Ullak, which launched just over a year ago, works with clients to produce bespoke skis featuring decorative items such as snake skin and Swarovski crystals. The skis costs between €3,400 to €12,000 ($3,700 - $12,900), including poles, bindings and a ski bag.

The company can produce a maximum of 50 sets per year, because of the labor-intensive nature of the business.

Swiss competitor Anouk, which launched around the same time, offers clients the option to embed gold, crystals and even diamonds into their skis.

Anouk founder Alessando Gabrielli says his basic skis sell for €2,500 ($2,700), but adding gold and special wood brings the price to €10,000 ($10,700).

Both companies say prices can go higher depending on the demands of their clients.

First published April 24, 2015: 9:05 AM ET

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