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The next generation of "Segway": Kids and parents were flocking to test out "The Board" and "The Wheel," new battery-operated products that look like a mash-up between a skateboard and a Segway.

"The Board", pictured above, costs €890 ($955) and can travel at about 6 miles per hour.

"The Wheel" features a single large wheel that makes the rider look like they're riding a strange electric unicycle. It costs €1,290 ($1,385) and can hit speeds of 10 miles per hour.

The French firm Wheel Lib began selling these Chinese-made gadgets this year. They're pricey, but there is a lot of customer interest.

Don't be surprised if you see kids riding these devices around your neighborhood in the next year.

First published April 24, 2015: 9:05 AM ET

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