19. Adidas Group

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Want the chance to get "schooled" by the Houston Rockets' Dwight Howard in basketball? Or sit down for lunch in the same cafeteria as Argentine footballer Lionel Messi?

At Adidas Group, yearly raffles put five new and veteran employees on the court with athletes they've signed for sponsorships. And sports stars visiting Adidas' campuses routinely stop by corporate cafeterias.

The sportswear company, which hopes to hire more than 4,700 people this year, puts an emphasis on diversity, which allows new hires to gain a greater understanding of different cultures and people, says Steve Bonomo, vice president of global talent acquisition.

Bonomo experienced that firsthand while working at the company's international headquarters in Germany. He decided to host a Thanksgiving dinner for some of his co-workers and when he sat down to eat, he realized that 10 of his 12 dinner guests were born in different countries.

"If you work in most of our offices around the world, you're going to be thrown into something like that," says Bonomo. --A.L.

First published June 29, 2016: 2:49 PM ET
Data source: Universum Global

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