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Men in female-dominated jobs

Nursing, child care and administrative jobs are still dominated by women. Meet 8 men who are proud to work in these fields.

In child care, men are outnumbered

men in female jobs kevin lyke nanny gallery
  • Name: Kevin Lyke, 25
  • Place: Saline, Mich.

I work at a before- and after-school facility in an elementary school, where I help supervise kids. I'm definitely outnumbered. Counting myself, we have five men out of a total of around 25 to 30 employees.

When people stop by, they'll often give a blanket greeting -- "Hi ladies, how are you doing?" It used to bug me, but now I just realize it comes with the territory.

I'm 25 now, but I started when I was 18. It was meant to be just a college job. As I progressed through college, though, I saw my friends doing jobs that weren't necessarily great, like working in department stores. I enjoyed doing something meaningful, and being a role model for kids.

I got my degree from Eastern Michigan University in language, literature and writing, and I thought about going the teaching route. I had been looking for a few other jobs, but just last week, I was promoted to program director for the location where I work.

I will be staying here a while because I like what I do, and this is my first time being put into a supervisory role.

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