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I'm signing up for Obamacare

These Americans can't wait until they can apply for health insurance under the new state-based exchanges, scheduled to open for enrollment in October. For some with pre-existing conditions, there are no other options.

obamacare suzanne eva lain
  • Name: Suzanne Eva Lain, 56
  • Job: Technical writer
  • Residence: Highland Falls, N.Y.

Pre-existing condition: Breast cancer

I'm a contract worker, so I don't get health benefits through my job.

I'm a high-risk breast cancer survivor. I need breast MRIs, sonograms and mammograms every year just to keep ahead of the cancer returning. My mother had breast cancer three times -- the third time was fatal. My dad's two sisters both had breast cancer, which killed them.

I have an appointment with my breast doctor next month, but I'll have to cancel it because I don't have any coverage. I certainly can't have all those tests. I'll scramble around and maybe get a free mammogram somewhere.

I can get individual coverage, but it's very expensive because of my history. My premiums, copays and deductibles would be very high because of the risk.

I'm ready to sign up tomorrow. I'm so thankful to President Obama for making this happen. There are so many people in my situation and worse. I don't understand why people would want to repeal it.

  @Luhby - Last updated May 09 2013 06:13 AM ET

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