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10 hard-to-fill jobs

More than 11 million Americans are unemployed, yet 4 million job openings remain unfilled. These companies want to hire, but are struggling to find the right people.

Truck driver

hard to fill jobs malcolm drew
  • Company: Smith & Solomon
  • Location: Bellmawr, NJ

Trucking companies have faced a labor shortage for years and are recruiting aggressively.

Smith & Solomon currently has more trucks than drivers and is looking for candidates with at least two years of experience.

"There is an absolute need for drivers right now," said Todd Hyland, director of job placement. "We deal with employers from all over. We are in dire need of drivers, and we can't get them fast enough."

Turnover for long-haul truckers is dramatic, averaging about 98% in 2012. Many trucking companies are expanding at a time when experienced drivers are retiring. Drivers that have points on their licenses affect the safety scores given to the trucking companies, so many businesses are looking for newer drivers that have a clean slate.

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