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I work every holiday

These workers clock in when others are celebrating holidays with family... and guess what? They don't mind!

Somebody's got to keep the lights on

work every holiday martin miller
  • Name: Marty Miller
  • Place: Dearborn, Mich.

I am a supervisor who works at the Severstal steel mill just outside of Detroit. There is no downtime in a steel mill. There are furnaces that must keep firing and people who have to work with those furnaces. We try to give as many people time off as we can, but we can't say yes to everybody.

A lot of younger people have families, so I volunteer to work holidays. I worked Thanksgiving, and I've already signed up for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

The environment is depressing, the work can be dirty, but the pay is good.

I know that there are hundreds of people who would take my job in a heartbeat. I am very thankful that I have it. I know that eventually, I will have some days off while others are working.

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