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What rebound? 'I got left behind'

It is now five years since the Great Recession officially ended, but these CNNMoney readers still don't feel they've fully recovered from the downturn.

'I gave up on looking for a real job'

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My life has gotten worse financially. I used to consider myself upper middle class, but now I am lower class financially.

I'm intelligent and capable, but I'm not getting a job. I have two graduate degrees (a master's in health administration and an MBA), but after being a stay-at-home mom on and off for six years, I had a blotchy job history. Since the recession, my ability to even get an interview is nil.

There are many like me who have advanced degrees and are caught in the HR loophole. We are overlooked because we carry too many degrees and recruiters think we will "leave" the job when we find a better paying one. That's even though part of American job culture is the desire to be promoted and achieve one's full potential. It just doesn't make sense.

When we try to look in another industry, we are considered underqualified and lacking experience. But when we apply for entry level jobs, we are again overlooked because we have too many degrees.

It is very disheartening, and my kids are seeing me fall apart. I gave up on looking for a real job in April. Instead, I do informal jobs here and there.

Daily, I have to find peace with my losses. I pause every day and count the real blessings in life.

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