congress income john delaney
  • Name: John Delaney
  • Party/District: D-Md
  • Average net worth: $154.6 million

Before being elected to Congress in 2012, Maryland Rep. John Delaney founded and led CapitalSource Inc., which makes commercial loans to small and middle-market businesses nationwide. Prior to that, he founded HealthCare Financial Partners, which provided financing to the healthcare firms.

Delaney held partnership or director positions in a variety of financial companies, according to his 2012 financial disclosure forms. He stepped down as chairman of CapitalSource before taking office.

The vast majority of Delaney's assets, which total between $70.7 and $245.3 million, are in the financial sector.

His main debts are a mortgage of between $1 million and $5 million and a loan from a family trust in the same range.

First published January 27, 2014: 2:13 PM ET
Source: 2012 financial disclosure forms posted by the Center for Responsive Politics

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