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Finally! I got a job

Six Americans share their success stories after being unemployed for months.

'Take a chance on someone'

long term unemployed work rashawn collins
  • Name: Rashawn Collins, 35
  • Place: Las Vegas, Nev.

I just know that for me, these last three months have been really trying.

I worked in telecommunications as an on-site support representative. Basically, my job was to make sure everyone in the company had working phones, laptops and air cards.

Then everything changed when I moved to Las Vegas to take care of my mother, who was ill. I became unemployed in 2012, and had been living off of unemployment benefits until those expired.

After my mother got better, I applied to about 1,400 jobs all over the country. My benefits expired in December, and recently, I've had to borrow money from my mother and girlfriend to get to interviews.

Now I'm finally going back to work. I take reservations for one of the premier limousine companies in town. This will be my second week here, and it seems to be going very well. I like any job where I can deal with people in a customer service role.

I'm just glad to be back to work. I also plan to continue working on starting a small business on the side. I want to build an entertainment company. So far, I have my own radio show and T-shirt line, but they're not profitable yet.

I still use public transportation, and I hope Congress will approve extended unemployment benefits, because I could use those retroactive funds to pay my bills.

To employers, I'd like to say -- don't overlook people that you may think are overqualified or underqualified. Take a chance on someone.

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