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Who wouldn't want their doctor to use a "smart" stethoscope when monitoring their heart?

Berkeley-based Eko Devices, founded by Connor Landgraf, 24, Jason Bellet, 22, and Tyler Crouch, 23, enables doctors to turn their "dumb" instruments into intelligent ones.

They've engineered a product called the Eko Core, which goes into the tubing of a stethoscope. Using Bluetooth technology, the Core sends digital recordings of heartbeats to Eko's app and web portal. Doctors can chart the heartbeat or send the recording to a specialist for further review (rather than patients having to wait to see a specialist for the results).

Eko will start retailing this summer for $249.

Eko is also developing a "Shazam for heartbeats," that allows doctors to compare their patients' heartbeats to a database of thousands of recorded heartbeats. (Shazam's founders are even into the idea -- they're among Eko Devices' investors.)

First published June 24, 2015: 8:14 AM ET

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