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Matthew Zeiler, 28, is changing the future of video.

Zeiler is the brains behind Clarifai, a machine learning startup he conceived while pursuing a computer science PhD at New York University.

Clarifai uses neural networks -- or data algorithms that imitate the human brain -- to apply intelligence to images and video. Clarifai's tech can recognize objects in videos in milliseconds, much faster than a human could.

Brands, advertisers and social media firms can use this to understand and better target consumers.

Its current database holds 10,000 real world "concepts." As an artificial intelligence program, it gets smarter with every image it sees.

The technology maps where the objects appear and tags them with identifiers. These range from basic descriptors like "dog" to sentiments like "love," which the system recognizes based on pixels alone.

Clarifai's API enables outside companies to access its technology. Zeiler, a former intern at the Google Brain group, said he's working with several major companies to integrate the technology to better understand the daily influx of media.

First published June 24, 2015: 8:14 AM ET

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