Our annual ranking of America's largest corporations
See the full list of America's largest corporations, including detailed company profiles and contact information. (more)
9. AIG
10. IBM
California is home to the most companies on this year's list. See the biggest corporations near you. (more)
• Texas

Top performers
Exxon Mobil was the most profitable company by far, but a couple of banks also brought in hefty earnings totaling more than $40 billion -- last year. (more)

Best employers
Forty companies are on both the FORTUNE 500 and 100 Best Companies to Work For. (more)
• FedEx

Top sectors: Oil reigns
Thanks to tight oil supplies, petroleum refiners saw profits rise 57.8% last year, and companies in mining/crude oil, 80.8%. They also returned the best results to investors. See how your sector performed. (more)

The No. 1 corporation is also an enormous target. (more)
Despite a world of trouble, the 500 -- led by banking, oil, drugs, and insurance -- enjoyed a banner year. (more)
Surging oil prices pushed Exxon Mobil to No. 1, displacing Wal-Mart, while solid growth worldwide gave a lift to most of the 500. (more)
How the chairman of Microsoft (No. 48 on this year's list) wards off both information overload and what he calls information underload. (more)
In this photographic essay shot by Robert Maxwell, meet the real people behind some of the fastest-growing companies on the FORTUNE 1,000. (more)
FORTUNE 500 Archive 1955-2005 View and search the more than 1,800 companies that have appeared on each year of FORTUNE's list of America's largest corporations. (more)
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  Exxon Mobil
  General Motors
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