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    Wal-Mart by the numbers
    A look inside the retail giant, the No. 1 company on the Fortune 500 list - from salaries to its biggest-selling product. Watch
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    Customize a Dreamliner
    Boeing, No. 27 on the Fortune 500, relies on thousands of workers around the globe to manufacture each unique 787. Watch
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    Nike's run-up to the Olympics
    A major footwear supplier to the Games, and no. 153 on this year's list, says it's not their job to address concerns over human rights in China. Watch
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    Apparel giant's success secret
    VF, no. 335 on this year's list, boosts growth by buying successful cult brands, like shoemaker Vans, and giving them freedom to flourish. Watch
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Our annual ranking of America's largest corporations

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1 Lockheed Martin 57 41,862.0 Bethesda
2 Constellation Energy 117 21,193.2 Baltimore
3 Marriott International 197 13,342.0 Bethesda
4 Coventry Health Care 266 9,879.5 Bethesda
5 Black & Decker 372 6,563.2 Towson
6 Host Hotels & Resorts 440 5,461.0 Bethesda
7 Legg Mason 524 4,343.7 Baltimore
8 W.R. Grace 657 3,115.2 Columbia
9 McCormick 689 2,916.2 Sparks
10 T. Rowe Price 831 2,233.1 Baltimore
11 USEC 912 1,928.0 Bethesda
12 HealthExtras 926 1,857.7 Rockville
From the May 5, 2008 issue
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