Experience this wide wonderful world, but don't miss its web page!
By Stanley Bing

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Good! The is pouring through the and the kids are getting ready to head off for and you don't want to miss your personal/ontime.or-else.html!

It's easy to be enthusiastic about thewaythingsaregoing. com/recently. Before, we had to basically just live life as it www.formerly.was/ Now everything has a page I can immediately in order to extend the

edu//howboutthat.html. The world is my domain. Life is my URL. And I'm with the program.exe/youbet/andhow/24-7.

First, after thinking for a moment about the possibility of, it's off to my shower Website, where I learn about the history of showers, take a quick peek at how showers are doing this quarter both on the industry level and mine in particular, and surreptitiously glance at the confidential area of the site that offers several interesting pictures of people in the shower/woowoo/

This is instructive and almost obviates the need for a But not quite. The Website is not But it is a fabulous augmentation of

While I lather up with some, I keep the out of my eyes long enough to marvel at the history of soap, how soap can be made without harming animals, and why it's important, while searching for soap, to make sure I'm spelling it correctly so I don't end up covered with soup, which is very close to soap, except it's not.

There isn't much time for eating, because time'sawasting.uh-oh.deepdoodoo.html. I do, however, grab myself a delicious, pausing long enough to rejoice with Chiquita about their fourth-quarter numbers and their fine matrix of distribution locations.

On the train site to I spend some time browsing over the history of closed public conveyances, consider information about several little-theater performances within reach of this vehicle, plus sidebars about great people who have ridden in them since the dawn of Time.Inc. My pleasure is tempered by the fact that I am stuck between a woman talking in the and a guy who should have visited this morning.

After a briskwalk.hohum/cardiacstuff, I arrive at my office site. And an interesting one it is, too, in this of inter- and intra-weblinkages! In the old, analog days, for instance, I would have a and head off to a one-on-one meeting at which I would actually have been present. Now things are different. The new site consists of multiple electronic messages displayed in tiny windows and a host of background press releases, pictures of people on the job.smiling, a letter from the www.chairman.dude/, corporate documents available at the click of a, a ream of selfservingannouncements. my-org/, and links to subsidiaries, vendors, and other business associates who keep us all jumping ofmyface/

And that pretty much does it for the morning.

At lunch, it's off to the place whereweabuse.ourexpense I notice that every boring.bluesuited.slightly overweight.guy/steaksandwich.html is seated with a high powerbizwoman/a$350shawl drapedaroundher$1200suit/ goatcheesesalad/

At two-thirty, things get very interesting. There's a genuine, real-time gathering of people/ We're there to discuss the issue of vertical.integration/ This is a uniquely late-20th-century site, with sidebars on the individuals, luxury locations, and legal maneuvering that have attended previous large, nonsensical mergers. Also on hand are pixelated photographs, sound clips, and jerky video footage of handshakes closing deals that could be antecedents, and extensive hyperlinks to other links that leap to still different links like the links at St. Andrews and Jimmy Dean sausage links and...what were we talking about?

On the train home, the car gets kind of warmandcozy/snooze.zzz. Folks are reading their evening papers, many still actually holding these quaint artifacts in their hands and turning pages. Stupid people! Oh, well. Most are reading about the Super Bowl, which was just concluded both on the field in Miami and in that terrific cybermeeting place

I'm home now, and the day is winding down. Our virtual dining table is calm and restful as can be, with tasty links to meat&,, and rolls. After that, it's off to the exercise corner for 24 minutes at the site I visit every day, fruitless.exertion/fat No matter how long I stay, I require a visit to next morning.

Then I head on upstairs to spend some time--not enough, I grant you--at mykids.toogrownuptoofast.html. They're good children and very engaging, so much so in fact that I often find myself preferring them to their website. But what a site it is! Page after page of things they want, things they need, from toys and guitars to skateboards, stereos and cars, CDs, rock band stickers, posters, baggy clothes, butterfly barrettes, and, when you get beyond the acquisition pages, link after link to hopesites, dreamsites, databases, bizarre places they'd like to go, games, and chat, chat, chat, of course. It's a site that just about never ends, and it hasn't even really begun yet. I guess that's a basic principle of great sites everywhere, huh? Good subject matter makes all the difference.

There's barely enough time before the onset of to visit the extensive website, one of the most engaging and busy on our daily list. Much of this site is highly confidential, but after all these years I'm happy to say it remains a major source of infotainment, an auditory and visual feast of incident, colorful anecdote, and contemporary history. It's still one of the most attractive sites around, too, and you can tell her I said so.

That's it for today. It's time to rest for a little while. While I sleep, I'm aware that is online, keeping up and running into the tiny hours. Eventually she will sleep. Every site needs to shut down, even for a couple of hours, no matter what portal you crawl into.

After all, tomorrowisanotherday.right?

By day, STANLEY BING is a real executive at a real FORTUNE 500 company he'd rather not name.