Claudia Schiffer: What a Woman Wants
By Claudia Schiffer; Daniel Roth

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Last month, German millionaire supermodel Claudia Schiffer bridged the once-elusive gap between In Style and Internet World, announcing the launch of her own handheld computer line. The first product, the Palm Vx Claudia Schiffer Edition, is an aqua Palm souped up with Schiffer-approved nutrition, fitness, photo, and fashion software. Eager businesswomen will have to wait until November to get the $399 device, which is being sold only at Could Schiffer's venture become the next Handspring? As we found out, she's not entirely sure. We caught up with the budding tech mogul as she awaited a first-class flight to Majorca.

Q. So did you approach Palm with the idea?

A. Yes. I said, "I have this idea, can I do it with you?" They said, "Great, we'd love to, can you choose the color?" So I chose aqua. They thought it was great. I would love to do some more colors.

Q. They probably don't get too many supermodels in their office.

A. Actually, Satjiv [Chahil, Palm's chief marketing officer] and I realized that we have lots of friends in common, so we hit it off. From then on we started brainstorming. And now we have so many ideas that we're working on. It's become less of a purely business thing. We were both extremely creative thinking about things. He would tell me what was possible, and I would tell him what I think women want: colors, other things to be part of the Palm.

Q. Do you think the average business woman identifies with you?

A. I think they can, in the way that businesswomen see that I am a businesswoman myself. I travel a big amount. I have a busy schedule. I need to have something like the Palm to make my life so much easier. They're in the same situation.

Q. But they're probably not doing exactly the same things you are.

A. What do you mean?

Q. Going to photo shoots, jetting around the world...

A. They're probably flying around the world for different reasons than I am, but business is business. They can identify.

Q. How are you going to compete against Handspring?

A. Handspring?

Q. They're a Palm competitor.

A. Oh. We're thinking about a couple of things right now. We want to promote it more. Nothing yet is set in writing.

Q. Is it true that Tyra Banks is launching her own line of Linux in retaliation?

A. I never heard that.

Q. Any fears that you'll constantly be beamed phone numbers by Palm-equipped geeks?

A. [Laughs] Yes, I'm extremely worried about that. No, I think it's so cool, actually.

Q. Have you picked out the perfect belt to clip your Palm to?

A. No. I'm not the clip-on type of person. It's in my handbag right now. My Bulgari handbag.