Build Your Own Uber Limo
By Alex Taylor III

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Prices for Mercedes-Benz's new ultra-premium sedan, the Maybach, start at about $300,000--but writing the check is one of the easier decisions you'll have to make. Among the Maybach's biggest selling points is its ability to be customized, and you'll be choosing from 2.2 million possible option combinations. --Alex Taylor III

Wheelbase Do you want the compact 57 (5.73 meters, or 18.8 feet) or the 17-inches-longer 62? The larger car gets you airplane-style reclining seats in the back and another 50 grand on the sticker price.

Paint Seventeen exterior finishes are available, with two-tone schemes for those who can't pick just one. Stick to something conservative like maroon and black. Favorite colors from your youth, like aquamarine and candy-apple red, aren't offered.

Leather It covers not only the seats but also the dashboard, armrests, and door panels--62 pieces on each car. In six colors: Labrador anthracite, Galapagos gray, Barrier Reef red, Maori pearl, California beige, and Maldives blue. What, no Stuttgart brown?

Wood There are 100 sections--hand-matched for grain and color--on the doors, center consoles, instrument panel, and headliner. They come in three veneers: cherry, burr walnut, and amboyna, a tropical Asian tree.

Electro-transparent panoramic roof Available only on the 62 for an extra $14,500. Switch it on in daylight and the glass turns transparent. Turn it off and the glass becomes opaque, with 76% of daylight reaching the interior. SPF 15 sunblock recommended.

Glass partition Like the ones on New York City taxis, but retractable ($29,500).

Communications Three phone lines--two voice, one data. Two handsets and a hands-free unit for the driver, a third handset for the passenger. E-mail and fax capability. Computer with touchpad and six-inch display.

Audio-visual A 20-inch video monitor that can retract into the roof, with TV, DVD, and CD capability.

Technical equipment The usual choices available on high-end cars (radar-activated cruise control, automatic keyless entry, active seat ventilation....) And one you rarely see: a refrigerator.

Accessories All Maybach, all the time (all at an extra cost). Luggage, golf bag, sterling silver champagne goblet, "fluffy travel rug," floor mats.... You'd think they'd throw in the floor mats.

Personal relationship manager Every Maybach dealer in the U.S. will have at least one available 24/7 to answer questions from owners. Perhaps they'll finally be able to explain how to use the navigation system.