Who will be the next Treasury Secretary?
By Oliver Ryan

(FORTUNE Magazine) – With the election in high gear, the financial world is abuzz with speculation about the next Treasury Secretary. John Snow isn't expected to leave in the event of a Bush second term, but that hasn't stopped Republicans from whispering about possible replacements. Here's a short list of names that have been floated as possible nominees. -- Oliver Ryan and John Simons


John Snow The former CSX CEO took over as Treasury Secretary in 2003. He's likely to remain if Bush wins, but his lack of new initiatives has some wondering if he's the man for the job.

Stephen Friedman He ran Goldman Sachs in the early 1990s with Robert Rubin, and now directs the National Economic Council, the post Rubin had before running Treasury.

Hank Paulson The Goldman Sachs chief recently told FORTUNE he has no intention of heading to Washington any time soon. He is, however, a Bush Pioneer.

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Roger Altman Clinton's deputy Treasury Secretary, is now chairman of private equity firm Evercore Partners. He's a key Kerry advisor, but his Whitewater-era resignation and heart transplant may limit his odds.

Gene Sperling Clinton called Sperling the "MVP" of his economic advisors. He was also director of the National Economic Council for eight years.

Jon Corzine The former Goldman Sachs head is currently a first-term Senator from New Jersey.

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