Table of contents: VOL. 151, NO. 4 - February 21, 2005
Back from near oblivion, Apple is setting the pace in a new digital universe where computing and entertainment merge. We asked Steve Jobs how he did it (hint: It's the software, stupid) and what's next. (more)

That's what Procter & Gamble's A.G. Lafley says of his decision to buy Gillette. Here's why he thinks so--and how the deal came about. (more)
AIG CEO HANK GREENBERG is a tough boss and a tough dad. Two of his sons left his company in anger. If only the story had ended there. (more)
A $70 billion gas deal has brought Tehran and Beijing closer together. And that could spell trouble for the U.S. (more)
Five questions for Steve Jobs. (more)
Sony got spanked by Apple's iPod and iTunes. Now it's turned to a Silicon Valley techie to help it fight back. (more)
Bing!: While You Were Out

Bonus Feature
Actually, it never really left. In fact, as our energy demands grow, we'll be using more coal than ever. (more)

With the tally of high-priced mergers growing by the day, one can't help but ask: Did we learn nothing from the crash? (more)
What's the best way to transfer your music collection to your iPod? It depends on what you value most: your time, money, or sanity. (more)

On an island off Georgia, wild hogs developed many traits of human couch potatoes. Scientists are excited. (more)
Amber Chaviano, Westminster Dog Show entrant, Coconut Grove, Fla. (more)
A January selloff plus slowing profit growth could add up to danger in 2005. Here's how to shore up your defenses. (more)
Use these three tips to evaluate your benefits plan and safeguard your retirement. (more)
Highly successful health-care investor Sam Isaly is counting on big profit growth (more)


Street Life
Value Driven
Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|