Table of contents: VOL. 151, NO. 7 - April 4, 2005
Now that Knight has stepped down, it's up to new CEO Bill Perez to channel one of the most inscrutable, contradictory, and inspirational leaders around. (more)

Interview: New Sony chief Howard Stringer on what it will take to rally his struggling company. (more)
Nissan CEO and Sony board member Carlos Ghosn on making an impact on an old-line Japanese company. (more)
With U.S. sales sliding and no upturn in sight, the world's No. 1 automaker faces hard times--without a strong plan to fight back. (more)
The surprising selection of Howard Stringer as Sony's CEO was a classic boardroom tale of executive intrigue and dashed ambitions. (more)
He finally got the job he coveted: chief executive of WALT DISNEY. But MICHAEL EISNER'S successor--the man who must turn things around at the Mouse House--is unproven as a strategist. (more)
For years, investing legend DAVID BONDERMAN could do no wrong. And then he tried to buy a utility from Enron. (more)
Bing!: While You Were Out


The PlayStation Portable is definitely cool, and sales are hot, but the thinking behind it is tepid. Is this really the Walkman for the Digital Age? (more)
Fear and loathing are rife among corporate board members--and that's why so many CEOs are losing their jobs. (more)

Ultraviolet vision is commonplace in the animal world. A very few people, it turns out, have this ability too. (more)
Nobuo Tsuchiya, president of Nobu Seafood Hawaii, Honolulu (more)
Record crude prices are about to ripple through the entire economy. Here's how to adjust your portfolio--plus three oil stocks to buy now. (more)

The bubble survivor is reborn as a wireless highflier. But is it still a buy at this price? (more)
Hedge fund manager David Berman profits by thinking like a patient predator. (more)
Just a short hop from many oft-visited business cities are some of America's most fascinating sites--and they're educational too! GRAINGER DAVID takes you along. (more)
Can't make it to Steinway or Boeing? These other factory tours around the country are well worth seeking out. (more)
Street Life
Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|