Table of contents: VOL. 152, NO. 10 - November 14, 2005
The inside story of how the unsinkable Ms. Stewart staged her comeback--transforming her board, remaking public opinion, invading prime time. Now the hard part: making it last. (more)

With the shock-jock superstar defecting to Mel Karmazin's Sirius, Infinity Broadcasting is replacing him with four different acts. Who will emerge as the new king of all (terrestrial) media? (more)
50 most powerful women
Meg is still No. 1. Martha is out of jail (and back on our list). It's been a year to remember for women in business. (more)
A report from the front lines of one of the toughest businesses for women to crack: the hedge fund industry. (more)
From France to India to Mexico, there is a world of opportunity out there--and these 50 women have seized it. (more)
In the beginning, men set the rules for the boardroom. Now that women are on the move, will they bring a different style? (more)
Getting to the top can take the better part of a lifetime. So why do some women choose to chuck it? (more)
Digging a little deeper into the list, we salute the highfliers and share some facts to inspire and amuse. (more)
No change at the top this year, but a rising tide of talent brings in a dozen fresh faces. (more)
The inside story of how the unsinkable Ms. Stewart staged her comeback--transforming her board, remaking public opinion, invading prime time. Now the hard part: making it last. (more)
50 most powerful women 2005 / bonus section
Marjorie Yang CHAIRMAN AND CEO Esquel Group HONG KONG (more)
Nancy McKinstry CEO Wolters Kluwer THE NETHERLANDS (more)
Meg Whitman CEO AND PRESIDENT eBay (more)
Linda Dillman EVP AND CIO Wal-Mart (more)
Susan Desmond-Hellmann PRESIDENT OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Genentech (more)
Charlene Begley CEO AND PRESIDENT GE Plastics (more)
50 most powerful women 2005 / bonus section: six leaders / six tough choices
bing: while you were out

business life

Five entrepreneurs who manage to make time for the (bone-crushing, adrenaline-spiking) finer things in life. (more)
Greg Norman, Australia's golf legend, is now vintner extraordinaire. A three-hole, five-bottle tasting of the Shark's new California vintages. (more)
Many companies still think women aren't serious about reaching the top. No wonder they don't retain talent. A conversation with management expert Sheila Wellington. (more)
The new iPods show off videos and downloadable TV programs on a small but surprisingly watchable screen. But music is still the star of the show. (more)

It was scarred by scandal, mocked as Internet for Dummies, left for dead--but now it's being courted by Google and Microsoft. A story of (perhaps) redemption. (more)
He built AOL, bought Time Warner, and saw it all come crashing down. Now he's going to save the health-care system. (more)
embraer: flying high
When Mauricio Botelho took the controls at Embraer ten years ago, the Brazilian company was nearly bankrupt. Now it's flying high. (more)

As bird flu panic spreads, demand for the influenza medicine--and the shares of its suppliers--is getting feverish. (more)

Eau de J. Lo? Beckham in a bottle? Star-powered fragrances are hotter than ever, and Coty has mastered the formula. (more)
Scientists race to build tools to defend the food supply from terrorism. But will food companies buy them? (more)
Ed Kean, captain of the Mottak, off the coast of Newfoundland (more)
Single-click access to companies, columnists, the magazine, and more, at (more)
inside wall street CEO Patrick Byrne is waging an EXTRAORDINARY CAMPAIGN against short-sellers. The hedge fund guys say he has underperformed. He says they are tools of a sinister "SITH LORD." (more)
Sure, they're MYSTERIOUS, PRONE TO BLOWUPS, and employ INSUFFERABLY RICH 39-year-olds. But guess what? The economy and the markets need HEDGE FUNDS. (more)
Izzy Englander built one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL HEDGE FUNDS around. But will his investors stick with him once they realize that the NEXT BIG HEDGE FUND SCANDAL may be brewing right under their noses? (more)
The visionary fund manager is sticking with the photo giant despite its long slide. (more)
By making deposits at community investment banks, you can help fund affordable housing and small businesses. (more)

Sorting through this troubled sector, we uncover six solid companies that are poised for gains. By Jon Birger (more)
There's no end to the search giant's ambitions--or the public's appetite for its stock. (more)
By paying for research and trading separately, the financial giant threatens brokers' business models. (more)

media bubble
Mel Karmazin finds new media is a lot like what he used to love. (more)
street life
This zany hedge fund manager preaches peace--and wages war. (more)
value driven
How GM's deal to cut its medical benefits hurts every retiree. (more)
Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|