By Barney Gimbel

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Recently FORTUNE previewed two new all-business-class airlines, Eos and MAXjet. Now, having flown both, it's time for our review. On the Eos flight, a posh, three-course meal was followed by a flight attendant topping off my wine and making up my bed with a cashmere blanket--impeccable service all the way across the Atlantic. Meanwhile, on MAXjet the experience was close to that of a typical domestic first-class flight, with unmemorable food and seats that reclined enough for me to sleep pretty well. The verdict? Eos is luxe, but I'd have a hard time shelling out $5,000 roundtrip to fly into London's Stansted airport without complimentary car service. (It took me over 90 minutes and $144 in cab fare to get to the West End.) MAXjet flies to Stansted too, but at least the fare is only $1,358.