(FORTUNE Magazine) – Fads never last. So this cultural moment--when tendentious business films seem sort of sexy--is sure to pass. (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price may be its swan song.) But before the moment fades, here are four more stories crying to be made.

CAPTURING THE GREENBERGS A seemingly ordinary family of father-and-son executives is caught in a net of scandal. Did they do anything wrong? Or is it just a setup?

FAHRENHEIT 401(k) This searing examination of the unraveling of America's retirement benefits will leave you asking, "Who took away my pension and left me with this lame mutual fund?!"

DOWNSIZE ME Forced to meet its pension obligations and give up the fat profit margins from gas-guzzling SUVs, the U.S. auto industry comes to terms with the need to trim down.

THE MOST BORING GUYS IN THE ROOM As the KPMG tax-shelter scandal shows, even someone as dull as an accountant can get into big trouble. And you wouldn't want to be trapped in a cell with these guys!