Table of contents: VOL. 152, NO. 13 - December 26, 2005
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business life

Coming soon to an airstrip near you: superlight jets starting at around a million bucks. But which planes will fly? STUART F. BROWN checks out the new breed of small wonders. (more)

investor's guide 2006
It was a relatively calm year on Wall Street. Even so, there were some SPECTACULAR WINNERS--and major flops. (more)
These days it's chic to be down on the market. But POSITIVE OMENS ABOUND--not the least of which is pessimism. (more)
Richard Rainwater made billions by knowing how to PROFIT FROM A CRISIS. Now he foresees the biggest one yet. (more)
Call it the European paradox: The economy may be lukewarm, but the STOCK MARKETS ARE HOT. Here are six companies to bet on. (more)
We shed some light on the NEW FEATURES aimed at making the plans easier to use. (more)
Investors have FALLEN OUT OF LOVE with the entertainment conglomerates. What will it take to win them back? (more)

The economy is strong, but perils abound. We find TEN STURDY STOCKS to see you through a tricky year. (more)
The giant of the education lending business is a red-hot stock. But to drive growth, Sallie Mae is SOCKING STUDENTS with interest rates of up to 28%. (more)
These seven funds, which have towered over their rivals for the past 15 years, PROVED THEIR METTLE in booms and busts, and everything in between. (more)
That's economist Roger Ibbotson's forecast for stock market returns. HE'S BEEN RIGHT--very right--in the past. So how come some people think we shouldn't believe him anymore? (more)
Have home prices peaked? Or is there still life in one of the greatest equity booms ever? For the real estate mogul in us all, FORTUNE looks at the 100 TOP U.S. MARKETS. (more)
Well, not everywhere. FORTUNE asked Moody's and Fiserv CSW to analyze home sales data for the country's 100 largest metro regions. They ranked each area by its projected price change for 2006. No. 1? San Antonio. Dead last: Las Vegas. (more)
The critics were sure that new SEC head CHRISTOPHER COX would be a disaster for investors. So far they've been wrong. (more)
Roscoe Ferguson, Mutilated Currency Lab, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Department of the Treasury, Washington, D.C. (more)
Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|