Table of contents: VOL. 153, NO. 3 - February 20, 2006
The Detroit giant is a weird, scarred combination: a carmaker doing poorly, and an insurance company engulfed by its obligations. It's heading for a wreck -- which is why CEO Rick Wagoner has the toughest job in business. (more)

bing! while you were out

Designers roll out an armored successor for the Humvee. (more)
business life
iRobot's new Scooba runs rings around the homeowner's bucket and mop. (more)
business life

This winter, the real action is inside at a growing number of luxe private ski lodges. We cut the lift line for a look. (more)

china in africa
In the heated race to tap a continent's oil resources, China is making headway in countries like Nigeria, where others often fear to tread. (more)
deadly caution
How our national obsession with drug safety is killing people -- and what we can do about it. (more)
Japanese regulators watched the company's CEO for three years. Why did it take so long to finally shut him down? (more)

Inside the Houston courtroom, it's going to be a long, strange trial. (more)

Harbin, China (more)

Is housing headed for a big chill? What we can learn from a pair of the country's hot spots. (more)

In the heated race to tap Africa's oil resources, the Chinese are everywhere, despite unrest that has prompted others to pull back. (more)
"Sleep architecture," narcoleptic Dobermans, and new pills galore: The sedative industry has never been so perky. (more)
global economy
Russia doesn't belong in the same league as Brazil, India, and China. (more)
investing special report
The demands are more daunting than ever, and the pressure to perform is relentless. But the great CEOs embrace the impossible. (more)
and talked four kidnappers into letting him go. Eddie Lampert is ... THE BEST INVESTOR OF HIS GENERATION. So what is he doing with Sears? (more)
His investments in Sears and Kmart have been hugely lucrative, even with the merged Sears Holdings stock down 25% from its peak. (more)
These CEOs are facing Herculean challenges--and investors hand them a report card every day at 4 P.M. Here's what's ahead for their companies and their stocks. (more)
media bubble
An anchor is attacked in Iraq, reminding us that news isn't show biz. (more)
street life
How the investors behind Virgin America airlines plan to cash in. (more)
the tragedy of gm
The No. 2 U.S. automaker launches a second turnaround plan. (more)
Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|