Getting ahead at the office
By Kate Bonamici, Fortune writer-reporter

(FORTUNE Magazine) -- It's possible that Rainn Wilson has the dimmest prospects in corporate America. As Dwight Schrute, the middle manager on NBC's hit show The Office, he's at once power-hungry and completely upwardly immobile. He agreed to answer a few burning questions - in character - for Fortune's readers.

What's the best way to fast-track your career?

The most important job in any office is being a great No. 2. Being a great yes-man. I would much rather work at Avis than at Hertz.

Why's that?

They're No. 2, and they try harder. Just as I do.

So how about tips on managing from below?

Keep the subordinates in line; use the carrot and the stick, but use the carrot, like, the same way you would the stick.

Do you have a management guru of choice?

Yes, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, and Mussolini.

And what is it that those men have in common that so attracts you to them?

Virility, first and foremost. And personal intensity.

I'm sure that as a young person climbing the corporate ladder you're a loyal Fortune reader.

Absolutely. I love the articles that have to do with pirate ships that have sunk off of Barbados, abandoned gold mines that still have a great deal of treasure in them in the Congo - oh, wait a minute, that's Fortune Hunter magazine.  Top of page

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