Table of contents: VOL. 154, NO. 13 - December 25, 2006
With oil prices and a housing bust threatening the economy, we discovered ten solid stocks that can still pack a punch. (more)

Fueled by its caffeine drink, Hansen Natural's stock has been on a rocket ride. Now Hansen faces growing pains and an SEC probe. Is it overdue for a crash? (more)
After his mutual funds tanked, Lenny Dykstra leaned on some heavy hitters to transform him from an ex-major leaguer to a minor-league stock picker. (more)
Dana Telsey knows the world of retail like nobody else. Now she's applying her unique style to her own research boutique. (more)
Leo Melamed, godfather of the Chicago mercantile exchange, changed investing forever with financial derivatives. Here's what this market visionary thinks is next. (more)
How one stem-cell researcher and a band of conspirators pulled off the biggest scientific fraud in history. (more)
Quito, Ecuador (more)
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A compendium of revealing stats (more)
Hot spots, fault lines, and events that might have an impact on global risk . (more)
The handset maker wants to cut its royalty payments for using Qualcomm's technology. The outcome will have huge implications for everyone else. (more)

Drugmakers are getting desperate for growth, and are hoping a little serendipity might bring them the next Viagra. (more)
For years, Mexican economists and businessmen have blamed economic woes on China. Now Mexico wants to be China's friend - or at least befriend many of the 34 million Chinese tourists expected to venture outside the mainland this year. (more)
investor's guide 2007
Corporate profits are at their highest level since 1929. Fortune's Justin Fox tells you what that means for the stock market in the coming year. (more)
They've become the hottest IPOs in the world. Here's what investors need to know about the latest improbable gold rush. (more)
The way you allocate investments among IRAs, 401(k)s, and taxable accounts can dramatically affect your savings. Three moves that pay off. (more)
You don't have to be filthy rich to give as if you were. Donor-advised funds are becoming the vehicle of choice for mainstream investors. (more)
Janet Hanson 54, founder of 85 Broads, Greenwich, Conn. (more)
U.S. capital markets still rule. But with increasingly formidable global competition, we need reform to stay on top, says Fortune's Geoffrey Colvin. (more)
John Mercanti 63, Senior Engraver, U.S. Mint, Philadelphia (more)
investors's guide 2007
Mighty CEOs and maverick raiders alike - all must humble themselves before the power of Institutional Shareholder Services. How a bunch of guys you never heard of decide corporate America's toughest fights. Fortune's Shawn Tully reports. (more)
where to invest now
Fumbling when it comes to your investments? Don't panic. There are easy ways to get your money to work for you. (more)
The best strategy for most investors is to stick with a bond index fund. Here are some good bets. (more)
If you liked gold in 2006, chances are you'll want to stick with it in 2007. (more)
Europe's economies may be growing slowly, but its markets are heading for a fourth year of double-digit increases. We found six promising stocks. (more)
Last year the question was whether the housing boom would slow down. Now it's how bad it will get. Fortune's Ellen Florian Kratz helps you navigate the market. (more)
Five top investment strategists trade tips and insights as they size up the forces that will shape the economy and the markets in the coming year. (more)
The numbers don't lie. Here are seven great choices that investors can count on for the long term. (more)
China and Gold funds were standouts in 2006. But Not all were so lucky. (more)
A look at how leading markets, commodities, and currencies fared in 2006. (more)
Markets were fairly tame in 2006. Still, there were some bigtime stars. (more)
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Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|