Table of contents: VOL. 155, NO. 5 - March 19, 2007
Toyota has become a red-white-and-blue role model. How? By understanding Americans better than Detroit does. (more)

Can you imagine a world of zero waste? Cities and towns across the world - and a surprising number of companies - have adopted that goal, says Fortune's Marc Gunther (more)
Ninety miles from Dubai, another Xanadu has been decreed. Its name is Abu Dhabi, and that $3 billion hotel is just the beginning of the story. (more)
No, it's not a crime novel but the tale of insurance giant Fairfax and its CEO's crusade against some very powerful hedge funds. Is it a quest for justice or an attempt to silence critics? Fortune's Bethany McLean investigates. (more)
Fifteen years ago Tunica, Miss., was dirt-poor, a national disgrace. Since then, casino gambling has brought prosperity. Some things, though, haven't changed, says Fortune's Stephanie N. Mehta. (more)
Blizzard Entertainment built WORLD OF WARCRAFT into the most profitable videogame of all time by betting that orcs and warlocks weren't just for the Dungeons & Dragons set. Here's how they persuaded eight million people to play--and pay. (more)
america's most admired
america's most admired companies
The high-tech wundercompany has landed - not only on our street corners and in our malls, but also for the first time, on the top 10 of Fortune's Most Admired Companies. (more)
What gives GE such a glow? Fresh ideas and being green distinguish the winners in our 25th annual rankings. (more)
business life: your money at play
A smart, lively narrative digs deep into libertarianism--and the individuals who fill the movement's unlikely ranks. (more)
L.A.'s nightlife impresario takes delivery of the most exclusive production car in the world - and invites Fortune's Sue Callaway to help break it in. (more)
Melvin Washington, 60 NEW YORK CITY (more)
Earth-friendly no longer equals Space Age design. Welcome to EcoManor, built in Atlanta by Ted Turner's daughter. Fortune's Patricia Sellers takes the tour. (more)
The man who needs no introduction answers Fortune reader questions about the real estate market, Dubai - and Justin Timberlake. (more)
Intel and AMD hate each other. And that's great for customers, says Fortune's David Kirkpatrick. (more)
The visionary CEO didn't have enough faith in Apple's future. (more)
dispatches: reports from the front lines of business
George Carlin listed seven dirty words that could never be said on TV. Now two of them are getting their day in court. (more)
Be careful what you ask for: Donors and recipients are contesting what gifts are - and when they can be taken back, reports Fortune's Tyler Green. (more)
An interview with Richard Tait, co-founder, CEO, Cranium (more)
first: news - analysis - informed opinion
A handful of public-speaking agencies are soliciting work for Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Oracle's Larry Ellison. One problem: Nobody told Bezos and Ellison. Fortune's Tim Arango investigates. (more)
Once he runs out of pennies to pinch, RadioShack's new CEO will have a tough time finding new ploys to resurrect his company, says Fortune's Peter Elkind. (more)
A new generation of software tries to optimize online marketing and branding by controlling online 'buzz.' Fortune's Oliver Ryan reports. (more)
Seventy miles from Florida, a Cuban oil rush is underway - and U.S. companies can't join in, says Fortune's Carolyn Whelan. (more)
India's top matchmaking Web site is moving into storefronts to get a bigger piece of a $300 million business, Fortune's Daniel Pepper reports. (more)
Zack Snyder, 41, director of 300 (more)

Corporations are riding a wave of record earnings, but they can't sustain the current pace. (more)

investing: your money at work
Despite volatility, world markets offer enticing opportunities. Fortune's Katie Benner asked four top fund managers for their best picks. (more)
while you were out

Teen retailer's results also hurt by falling sales, gross margins. |more|